Sainab and Nasra

Title of Talk: How to Take Photographs and Edit Them Without an Expensive Camera

Sainab is an interior and lifestyle blogger. She started her blog after giving birth to her first son as a hobby and a way to express her creativity. She writes for her blog

Step Inside My Handbag is a place where she documents her journey into decorating her home. She also shares her DIY’s, bits and bobs of fashion, beauty and kids.

She is all about constantly re-inventing the world she lives in to make it more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. On her journey, she hopes to inspire others to be creative and bold when it comes to making new things and sprucing up the old. Having studied photography, she uses what she knows to take images for her blog and social media.

As well as being a wife and mother, she also co-founded the company Barakah London with her sister, Nasra. It is an abaya fashion line where they hand make abayas for personal clients.

Photography has always been a passion for both of these ladies. And as their blogging has progressed, so has their experience with taking photographs and editing them.

Nasra is a fashion designer living in the heart of London that loves to find things that inspire her.

Nasra is a lover of anything creative and beautiful, you would find her inspired by fashion/interior her travels, art and walking around London looking for interesting places. When she is not sewing she is usually in a state of wanderlust dreaming of her next adventures.

Twenty-five-star blog was started when she was twenty-five years old it is a lifestyle & design blog. Nasra uses it to document her development of my business, sewing, her travels, and progressing as a Muslimah. Here you will find her little creative outlet for inspiration which she aims to do with beautiful pictures she snaps in her everyday life, and by including cool simply DIY's, as she enjoys sewing and getting creative, and would love to teach you what she knows. As well as documenting travels, and tips as well as experiences, she lives her life looking at the positives and her aim is to share that with you in a creative manner.

She Co.founded a luxury fashion Brand Barakah London,  with her sister Sainab. Together they design and hand-make abayas for exclusive clients in London, and for ladies that live worldwide. With a history in the field of fashion, both sisters Nasra & Sainab understand the importance of function verses style for the chic modern Muslimah. They aim to design contemporary abayas that don't compromise style, modesty & function.