Nilufa Dahlia

Title of Talk: Youtube Know How with NillyDahlia

Nilufa Dahlia started her channel, NillyDahlia when she was five months pregnant with her second child and it brought back memories of how much she had to research into pregnancy and motherhood in Islam when she was pregnant with her firstborn. The information just wasn’t readily available. She didn’t want other new Muslim mums to feel the same anxieties as she did so she picked up her camera and tripod and sat down to share her experiences of motherhood from an Islamic angle.

Within a few short months of starting her channel, she was headhunted by Channel Mum to become their first Muslim Sponsored Vlogger. She has since had a campaign ‘Hijab Challenge’ go viral, where it was featured in NY Times, TRT World and Nilufa even made an appearance on Good Morning Britain to discuss her challenge.
Her session will include, how to start a channel, advice on how to grow your channel, and how to approach brands for paid partnerships.