Fousia Abdullahi

Title of Talk: The Power of Podcasting
Fousia Abdullahi Is a Somali- Canadian currently living in the U.S. with her Husband and 4 kids. She is also the Host of the Naptime Is Sacred Podcast as well as a Co-host of the Bolder Than Sriracha show on Radio Azad 870 AM in Dallas.
The mission of Naptime is Sacred is to motivate and inspire busy women to take time to pursue their own interests, passions, and personal growth - while at the same time letting our voices and experience speak for us and not the stereotypes people are used to hearing.
Naptime Is Sacred Podcast has featured sisters like Yvonne Maffei from my Halal Kitchen, Zehra Allibhai from The FitNest,  Authors like Shoohada Khanom, Amran Abdi and Rahma Rodaah, and topics such as Muslim Women In S.T.E.M,  Addictions, Advocating for Muslims with Special Needs, Domestic Violence, Entrepreneurship, Divorce, Health and much more.
Podcasts are also a great way for websites to reach new audiences and bring in new subscribers. Because you will be able to convert your readers into listeners during times they will not be able to read, like on the work/ school commutes, while doing activities at home like cooking, or cleaning and even during exercise.
With this presentation, you will learn, 
  • How to find Avatar ( Ideal listener)
  • Recording/ and equipment, 
  • What an ideal length of an episode should be, 
  • Intro and Outros
  • Why your podcast should be on iTunes, 
  • How to build up a listen base and 
  • Having a website for your podcast.