Fatima Hachem

Title of Talk: Why You Need a Professional Logo

Hi there! I am Fatima Hachem and I am a Lebanese/Canadian, coffee-loving, web-developing and web-designing, blogging Muslimah. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master in Business Administration in Management, Alhamdulillah.

I am the founder of FatimaHachem.com. Designing and branding websites is my passion and that’s why I find extreme pleasure in helping ambitious females create an online presence that sets them apart from the rest. In addition to that, I am a self-development and productivity blogger with a positive attitude. I try to guide others to be productive and improve themselves in life by writing about the Do’s and How To’s that I believe are helpful to embark on a inspiring, motivating, and productive life with a positive attitude.

I believe that bloggers, small businesses, freelancers, and anyone who wants an online presence should have a website that reflects who they are, and that is simple yet unique and beautiful. I do that by mixing some logic with a lot of creativity and imagination to get a well-organized and innovative experience.

My aim at Fatima Hachem is to create a personally customized, one of a kind, experience for each and every one of you. This way your project will get my undivided attention and focus, in a one-on-one relationship that will leave you happy and satisfied with the outcome. I will listen to all your requirements and imagination and help you visualize them and turn them into reality. I will also tutor and support you when and where needed.

Your website and brand are what make you unique. Your image will be associated with your brand on so many levels, so you want your brand to reflect who you really are. And this is where I come in. In our one-on-one designing journey, I’ll get to know you enough to be able to translate your personality into your own brand and website.

If you want what I just talked about, I’m your go-to girl. I come at design with an efficient and reliable, creative and imaginative, and supportive perspective. You can rely on me in making sure the job meets your standard and expectations. My skills for efficiency will amaze you. I’ll provide you with my creative insight and help convert your vision into a real design. I use creativity and imagination to design and help you shine. My support will make you satisfied and happy with my services.