Aisha Idris

Title of Talk: How to Maintain Originality When Writing Blog Posts
Aisha Idris is a psychologist, blogger, freelance writer and editor. She has been blogging since 5 years and over the years she has managed to learn a lot about the blogging world. She is currently running two blogs; Aisha Writes - Inspirational Blog, which focuses on self-growth and personal development topics and The Bookish Nomad, that is dedicated to books and food reviews and some travel guides. Her first book, Reflections From Life: A Muslim's Guide to Inspiration is set to release on 20th February 2018. She also recently initiated a project for parents and teachers, ZaiIdris Circle for Parenting and Teaching, the purpose of which is to provide authentic information that parents and teachers can benefit from.
She discovered her love for writing during her pre-medical and that was when she started taking up freelance jobs for various clients. Five years later she has worked with different websites and written articles on various niches. Currently she is a feature writer for Muslimah Bloggers and freelance editor at Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. She wishes to bring a positive change in the lives of people through her words and her book. Aisha enjoys reading books. She has also reviewed books on and has officially reviewed books for FB Publishing House and for several authors; Papatia Feauxzar, Aishah Adams, Majid Mehmood, Hend Hegazi, Umair Naeem, Hafsa Zarnab, Sheima Salam, Saadia Faruqi, Yasmine Mogahed and Katherine Russell.

Apart from reading and writing, she enjoys travelling, trying out new food and is a coffee addict. Aisha looks forward to working with children in order to help them towards living a better life. She has already worked at Kashana-e-Atfal which is a hostel for girls belonging to underprivileged families and has provided group counselling sessions at Sirat-ul-Jannah and SHED Foundation.